News and events of the affiliate program

Good afternoon, dear affiliates.


As we have written before a number of changes, which you need to familiarize, were implemented to the affiliate program.


1. Changes in the calculation of statistic and introduction AdminFEE.

One of the most substantial last changes is the introduction AdminFEE. Earlier the affiliate's profit was calculated to the formula: (deposit from the affiliate's players - payments to the affiliate's players)*%, and at the same time all commissions were accepted by the projects, but now the calculation formula has changed. Now the affiliate's profit will be calculated from the player's net profit (after deduction all commissions).

Also, to avoid that these changes affect the earning of our partners, the decision was made that half of all costs will be accepted by the affiliate program, and AdminFEE will be introduced gradually over 4 billing period.


2. Changes in interest rates and qualifications conditions.

Similarly one of the changes will be the descension of the interest rates. Due to the fact that part of the costs to projects will be accepted by the affiliate program, an informed decision was made on the decreasing of affiliates deduction by 10%. It means that at the start the affiliate will receive 30% of the profit of projects and at maximum of 55%. The percent of the deposit program will be decreased to 25%. Also, this change won't affect to the percent which is exhibited to affiliates on this billing period (November). And this won't affect to the individual percent program too.

Conditions of the qualifications have been adjusted with the changes in interest rates. Changes affected on the last qualifications mostly. You can familiarize with the conditions on the page "Plans".


3. Introduction new billing systems.

A lot of affiliates have asked us about adding other billing system for payment. All these questions were evaluated and presented to projects. And we will start to introduce additional billing systems since this billing period. Adding will start with one of the most sought-after system "Webmoney". Then we plan to add Payeer and Perfectmoney. If you are interested in any system, except suggested, you can always write about it to the support. The introduction of new systems is planned in early November.


All these changes are introduced after careful calculations and its are not definitive. We will continue to follow how these innovations will affect to the work programme as a whole, and if it’s necessary, correct them. So, stay tuned. In the meantime, you can still write us all questions to the support.


We count on your understanding and to further fruitful cooperation.

The Azinomoney team.